Angled front view with bag zipped and handles upright.


Hebrews 11:16. There’s a lot to love about traveling and seeing new places. There’s a lot to love about this world. But there’s something the Christian must always remember – that how that hotel room or AirBNB isn’t your real home, this world isn’t our permanent home. The Christian’s real home is in heaven with our Savior. Abraham and all those named in Hebrews 11 were looking not for a new country here on earth, but for a better country found in heaven. But how is it that Christians are able to have a home in heaven? It is only because of the resurrection of Jesus. The fact that God raised Jesus from the dead proved that everything Jesus taught was true and that he truly was and is the Son of God our Savior and that in him we can have forgiveness of sins and a home in heaven.
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